Art Workshops

The Science of Art 

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To stimulate your creative instincts, Art-Life workshops introduce color, drawing, and ways to discover form and space. Drawing classes are 90 minutes and blend discipline with creativity. Paper and recycled art classes are 2-hour sessions.

All materials are provided, and delivery by Hong Kong post is included.


Instruction in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese.Taught by academy-trained artists from The Cooper Union (NY), SCAD, and Chinese University of Hong Kong 


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Recycled Art and Paper Making:

Art-Life has a special interest in recycling and upcycled art. We host corporate events and can teach on site, to share skills and knowledge about the science and material side of art-making, as well as inspiration.  


Register for four-class series, mix & match 250/hkd per class


Workshop 1: Zero-Waste Paper

Saturday, 25 May  2-4 p.m. 300 HKD/person.

Bring family & friends for a 25% discount  480 HKD/2 persons

Make paper from 100% recycled material, blending rag, cotton and silk. You can learn paper's history and future with us. We introduce traditional materials, then show you how to prepare a paper bath and press paper.  Each time the materials include colors to mix and match, to make handmade paper. You can add flowers, leaves, gold leaf or silver. 


Workshop 2:  Paper & Textiles: Paper-Making Blues (Denim in the Mix)

Sunday, June 2 & Thursday, June 5  7-8:30 p.m. 

You can learn to make paper by hand, then add cut fabric to create a picture, or desk cover, a wrapper that will last and become more beautiful with time. Feel free to bring clothes or textiles that are beautiful and worn. We can recycle and transform them into art.

All materials provided. Bring coloured papers and wrapping paper, to make paper. Tutors (English-language & Chinese [Putonghua]), 

Note: You can bring your paper home on the day, or ask us to dry, press & mail to you.

Fold, Pleat, and Tile: Tessellation

Tuesday, July 2 7-8:30 PM  150 HKD/person. 

Tessellation is where art meets mathematics. By repeating simple shapes such as triangles, rectangles, and squares, you can turn a flat sheet of paper into 3-D objects. All materials provided, tutoring in English and Mandarin, plus a folder for your work, and inspiration!

Laser Cut. Paper Art

By appointment   350 HKD/person per class 600 HKD two sessions

Two sessions: Part 1 is a chance to cut two designs from paper, fabric, or leather, and to brainstorm an object to make on your own.  Design your own mask, an animal, or invitation to a special event, a lamp shade, or a screen. We will help you turn your sketch and concept into a vector drawing before the laser cutting  class. * Please note, you should submit your sketch at least four days before Session 2, to be ready to laser cut. 

An amazing experience!


Art Workshops for Children and Parents: 

3-D Paintings, a study of Elizabeth Murray April 20-21, 2019

Shapes and concepts we find in Frank Stella, April 27-28, 2019

Elizabeth Murray created playful, sometimes goofy paintings in 3-D. We will learn from her work to blend organic and inorganic shapes, combine colors, and move from flat work in two dimensions to 3-dimensional art works.  The class combines study of the artists work, sketching, and problem-solving. 

  Start by sketching friendly and fantastic animals, forests, and worlds of the future, we will turn them into colorful, multi-dimensional art. 

For ages 5 and up. Adults are welcome. 

Discount for Parent and child 500 HKD and take a big sketch pad home


Family Workshops: 

Electric Circuits in Paper: Storytelling 

550 HKD/Parent and Child

450 HKD per child. 100 for each parent or guardian per session

Learn to build simple electric circuits, to bring new life to objects and art works. We ask you to bring a story idea, but if your thinking cap is lost, we have ready-made themes for you to use. Instructors will help you build an LED light circuit, to brighten your day. And, in the process, you can recover that thinking cap and make baby steps to engineer more things. 

Part 1: Simple electric circuit with touch activation. Part 2: Breath-activated LED lights.

Date and time TBD. 

Paper Making & String Prints 380 HKD/Parent and child. 

280 HKD/ per child. 100 for each parent or guardian

Start learning about paper and its role in history, hands on. You and your children (4 years of age to ageless) can make paper by hand. Then learn how to print by pulling a string.

Put on your scientist hats and join us for sustainable invention!


Location: The Hive, Cheung Hing Industrial Building 8/F & 10/F

12P Smithfield Road, Kennedy Town MTR Exit A


Discounts when family & friends join. Enquiries 6937-9063

To guarantee a spot, Book Online, pay by bank transfer, and please send proof of payment. We will confirm your registration details.

Classes are limited in size, ranging from 8-12 participants. 


We constantly experiment, read, and research to make art part of life.