Life from Art: Charity Art Auction

to benefit Crossroads Foundation 

31 May, 2016

Art-Life Gallery Workshop hosted its first charity auction. Working closely with talented secondary students and art teachers ins across Hong Kong, artworks went to auction to benefit  Hong Kong- based NGO Crossroads Foundation. For the past twenty-plus years Crossroads has been aiding people in need from Hong Kong and around the world.


To learn more about the event,

Use the hashtag #LifefromArt on twitter @ art-lifegallery

by email |

by phone | +852 5165-9001

by whatsapp | +852 9250-3153

We were honored and privileged to work with 

  • Hong Kong International School

  • Island School

  • International Christian School

  • Renaissance College, Hong Kong


Thanks to the students and teachers for their generous gifts!

All are welcome. 

For information or the catalog for the charity sale Tel. 5165-9001 or email :

Joy (2015), 40 x 50 cm, oil on canvas

Rachel Tse, Island School