Art-Life is dedicated to art as inquiry. "In life learn art, and learn life from art." The Gallery specializes in works on paper, and offers art workshops in conjunction with exhibitions. 


Sketches can reveal an artist's inspiration and working process. Often hard to find, a drawing is a valuable asset. Such works are often more affordable than painting or sculpture, yet give insight into the person and balance artworks you already own or plan to acquire. We can schedule a consultation with you. 


Art-Life workshops share the story of works and artists, build skills and supply the knowledge to let you view the world around you with new eyes. First, grasp basic concepts, then apply and adapt them. Drawing, in particular, requires you to observe, to look and look again, analyze structure, and think about form and function. These activities can help problem solve in many different areas of life. 

The gallery represents artists in Shanghai, New York & Hong Kong who are established, mid- or late-career, with works in major museums and private collections. 

Part of our mission is to show how artists delve into problems--and how they choose their subject matter--by reading, research, and viewing artworks. To further this, we trade in books and sell books-by-the-foot. History and surveys of works in a genre or material carry over to the joy of collecting. Making and collecting art both partake of a process of reading the past, to inform present action and reflection. 

Our Mission


Founded in 2015 in Hong Kong's historic printing and paper district, Art-Life Gallery Workshop highlights Hong Kong's unique resources and creative entrepreneurship. We curate art exhibits and gives workshops to support art lovers. 


Our guiding idea is that art is for life. It goes hand-in-hand with critical thinking and the ability to conceptualize and affect people. Making art comes about by experimentation with form and material. It is a skill in itself, and draws together the skill sets of logic, reading, and maths. Since 2016, we offer recycled art workshops at schools and corporations, to highlight the need for circular economy and new ways of using material resources. 


Kathryn Lowry brings expertise in fine art, language and research to the gallery, trained at The Cooper Union for Art in New York, Princeton University, and Harvard (Ph.D.).  

Her interest in artists' lives and practice led to a vision of artwork, reading, and research under one gallery roof. The experiences of making art, revising, reading and research complement one another, and help to clarify and simply complex issues to make Art-Life.

Art-Life Gallery Workshop is dedicated to art as critical practice. To that end, we give workshops in tandem with exhibitions and trade in books & books- by-the-foot. Works in paper are our speciali focus: Drawings can give insight into an artist's creative process; sketches are often affordable, building blocks for a collection. Classes in paper making, sustainable art, and drawing are on offer. We customize events for clients: A paper anniversary, or corporate art workshop is meaningful, fun, and eye-opening.    

Contact us to schedule a consultation.

General enquiries

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Location |  MakerHive 

Cheung Hing Industrial Bldg 10/F 12P Smithfield Road  

Kennedy Town, Hong Kong Island

Corporate events

Sustainability is a concern for local communities and global companies. Art-Life workshops are a way to learn about resources and environmental impacts. We recycle, reuse, and repurpose materials to make art. Paper making, 3-D Paintings, Collage, and Fruit-and-Vegetable Prints are on offer.  Enjoy wine & cheese in a light & bright space.

Contact us to create a special event.

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