Pei Jing 裴晶



A native of Beijing, Pei Jing joined the faculty of the Shanghai Theater Academy in 1983 after completing studies in stage design.


Since 1992, he has had six solo exhibitions in Shanghai, Beijing and overseas, including a 1996 exhibition in Hong Kong (link provided below), as well as group shows such as the famous Last Supper, a 1988 performance piece (see link). His pieces are in the permanent collection of the Shanghai Museum of Art and private collections. 


Pei Jing calls himself China's pornographic artist 色情畫家. His works are elegant and delicately drawn, and have earned critical acclaim:


Wen Pulin 溫普林, artist, curator and critic:

     “I see a hero and he is naked! Ha, ha”  我看到了裸體的英雄人物。


Wu Liang 吳亮, art critic and editor of Shanghai Culture 上海文化 writes:

     Politics and pornography are turned into     comedy in a vulgar way in Pei Jing’s artwork, but vulgar comedies are the most outstanding product of contemporary Chinese culture. 政治和色情在裴晶的作品中被庸俗地戲劇化了,而庸俗的戲劇恰恰是中國當代文化的傑出奉獻—


For this exhibit, he selected traditional ink and colour paintings of flowers, tea pots, and other objects using twelve of the more than 300 seal stamps he has in his studio. A pair of his "beauties" (meiren hua 美人畫) are also for sale.  Original ink paintings for the Spring Festival, unique gifts for New Year of the Fire Monkey


His early training was in calligraphy. As a middle-school in Beijing, he was asked to write Big Character Posters to put the best face on the slogans his classmates hung in the school.  In the past ten years, he has turned to ink paintings of beauties, meiren hua 美人畫, in leaflet and booklet form, that have found a place in important private collections. 


"Happy Pleasure Seekers" 喜欲, from the 1996 solo show in Hong Kong


Asia Art Archive, The Last Supper 最後的晚餐:

Pei, How to change the world
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Pei Jing studio 3 desk
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