Pei Jing 裴晶



Pei Jing grew up in Beijing, and joined the faculty of the Shanghai Theater Academy in 1983 after finishing studies in Stage Design.


Since 1992, he has had six solo exhibitions in Shanghai, Beijing and overseas, including a 1996 exhibition titled "It's a Wonderful Life" 一個豐盛的人生 in Hong Kong. Pei also took part in the Last Supper performance art and sound installation in 1988. His works are in the permanent collection of the Shanghai Museum of Art and private collections. 


Pei Jing calls himself China's pornographic artist seqing huajia 色情畫家. His works are elegant and delicately drawn, and have earned critical acclaim:


Wen Pulin 溫普林, artist, curator and critic:

     “I see a hero and he is naked! Ha, ha”  



Wu Liang 吳亮, art critic and editor of Shanghai Culture 上海文化 writes:

Politics and pornography are dramatized in a vulgar style in Pei Jing’s artwork, but this kind of vulgar drama is the one outstanding thing contemporary Chinese culture has to offer. 



For the first group exhibition, Pei Jing chose a pair of his ink paintings of "Beauties" (meiren hua 美人畫) that show his delight in the way women dress to reveal rather than hide, a little bit like the pleasure of peeking through a curtain. He selected ten ink-and-color paintings of flowers, tea pots, tea leaves and other subjects suited to the New Year of the Fire Monkey in 2017. He signs his name and using twenty of the more than 300 seal stamps he has in his studio.

Since 2008, he has turned to ink paintings of beauties in leaflet and booklet formats, rather than the large oil paintings of blousy women admiring political icons. He mentions that if anything can change the world for the better, it might be long, lazy afternoon naps and feminine charms. Pei writes long inscriptions on his ink works, using calligraphic skills from middle school. As a student in Beijing in the 1970s, he was asked to write Big Character Posters, because he had the best calligraphy in the class. He applied himself to studied the masters, copying, so as not to lose face for his classmates who wrote slogans in the school.  



"Happy Pleasure Seekers" 喜欲, from the 1996 show at LKF Gallery, Hong Kong


Asia Art Archive, The Last Supper 最後的晚餐:

Pei, How to change the world
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Pei Jing studio 3 desk
Pei Jing studio 1